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The Weekly Tiger: Outside the bubble


Meghan Nadzam
Hello! I’m Meghan, a junior Biology major and Marine Science minor from Akron, Ohio. I am the Managing Editor for The Torch. At Wittenberg, I am in Marine Science Club and stand as RHA’s Public Relations representative. I love to collect records, read historical fiction, relax outside, and hang with my friends in Doppelgängers playing Mario Kart. You’ll usually find me multitasking in a corner of the Thomas Library while nursing a coffee, jamming to The Black Keys, Taylor Swift, or Wilco, and typing away at my computer with intense concentration. I look forward to working with you in The Torch, and will always be open to whatever you wish to write and share with the Witt community.

There were so many things that I wished to escape from. I wished for fresh air, safety and comfort. I wanted to be rid of the fear of someone following me home. I sought clarity and release. And honestly, after being on a campus other than Wittenberg for the past few weeks, I found all those things and more.

For those still wondering where in the world I am, I took a vacation, you could say. This semester, I am at Duke University Marine Lab (DUML) in Beaufort, NC taking classes that contribute toward my Biology major and Marine Science minor. I will also be conducting a research independent study with a professor to analyze the consumption of microplastics by fiddler crabs.

Being here the first week was undoubtably the spring vacation I was robbed of last year when the pandemic hit. Of course, it was in January, but here in the Outer Banks, it was a pleasant 50 degrees each day with the warm sun on your back.

Sure, it’s hard being so far away from my family. I think of them every single day. I talk with my parents often, and I am constantly in communication with my Wittenberg gang. On club Zoom calls, I find it difficult to not want to be there with them, but when I look up to appreciate the water and the wind, I know I made the best choice I may have ever made.

This past fall was so tiring, and I think many Wittenberg students can agree with me that the energy of the campus felt dark, draining, and like life itself was being sucked from your veins. The very air I breathed seemed toxic, so I often felt like needing a gas mask instead of an N-95.

However, at DUML, I feel like I’m the healthiest I’ve been in such a long time. I can actually motivate myself to go for a walk or even a run because it’s just too pretty not to be outside. Finding time, although, is difficult, due to the classes and labs running longer than normal, but I don’t mind. Just being in a different element is bringing my mental health upwards.

Lastly, I am so thankful for all those that helped push me to this point on my academic path. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.

Here’s to a fresh start, Tigers! May your spring semester go smooth as sand.



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