Friday, February 26, 2021
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Outside The Bubble


• President Obama rejects the Keystone XL Pipeline.

• Experts are increasingly convinced that the recent Russian airliner crash was caused by a bomb.

• Unemployment fell to five percent, and 217,000 jobs were added in a strong October Jobs Report, spurring predictions of a December Federal Reserve Rate hike.

• NASA claims solar winds transformed a once livable Mars into its current cold and dry state.

• Supreme Court accepts a new challenge to the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate from a religious organization called Little Sisters of the Poor.

• Middle-aged white Americans see an increase in death rates, largely caused by alcohol and drug usage.

• Puerto Rico struggles with a continually-contracting economy and a debt that’s more than $73 billion.

• Facebook Inc. is preparing to launch a new standalone news app called Notify.

• Toyota invests $1 million into a Silicon Valley company to develop artificial intelligence.

• Chipotle closes all 43 restaurants in Oregon and Washington after at least 41 customers suffered from E.Coli contamination.

• Several mine dams burst in Brazil, causing wreckage, injuries and two deaths.

• The Mexican Supreme Court announces support for the legalization of marijuana, marking a shift in the court’s attitude towards drug policy.

• Target announced the closing of over a dozen stores, including the store located on South Bechtle.



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