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Decorating Mugs Creates a Memorable Campus Experience


On Friday, Sept. 18 at the Diversity House along Alumni Way, students showed their creativity using only a sharpie to make the perfect DIY mug. 

As students attended the event, many felt the need to comment on how making mugs really seemed to help them cope during the uncertain and recent issues regarding the COVID pandemic. 

“Decorating our mugs with sharpies is very relaxing and fun to do with friends during our social  quarantine,” said Kristin Stein (’24). Stein also mentioned to point out that it was a great bonding experience for seniors and upperclassmen who wanted to remember their last years at Wittenberg. 

Audra Metzger (’24) also attended the event. “I love the sharpie idea because it provides a mess free and clean atmosphere to help student create their mugs safely,” Metzger said.

Kristie Kalis (’24) also agreed. “Making mugs is a cool way to stay safe and social distance”.

According to the attendees, not only was the event a great way for students to bond and create their mugs safely while following COVID guidelines, it was a great way to meet new people and socialize outside. 

“Making mugs is very fun and cute. It is a great way to meet new people and create new interactions with other people on campus,” said Emma Wilson (’24), a student also in attendance. 

Base on student’s experiences, many agreed that making these mugs was something very uplifting and was a great reminder that although we are going through this rough time, together with a sparkle of creativity we can persevere through anything. 

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