Monday, February 22, 2021
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The worst albums of 2020

Albums are like years: not every one of them can be a winner. Some are disastrously conceived and end up leaving audiences worse having...

The best albums of 2020

According to my Apple Music Replay, I listened to a lot of music this year: nearly 1,000 hours of listening time, over 1,500 artists...

“Hamilton’s” Daveed Diggs Crafts Chilling Halloween Album

Most well-known for his performance as Thomas Jefferson in the 2015 Broadway hit "Hamilton," Daveed Diggs has been producing cutting edge and industrial hip-hop...

7 Important Albums to Look for this Fall

For musicians and music critics alike, Friday morning at 12:01AM is a sacred minute: the fruits of their labors, their next listens and the...


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