Monday, May 10, 2021
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Rock duo Blue Stones dazzle on “Hidden Gems”

Rock music is making its way back to the mainstream again. Artists have been slowly pushing towards catchy riffs, strong drums and an infectious bass...

The worst albums of 2020

Albums are like years: not every one of them can be a winner. Some are disastrously conceived and end up leaving audiences worse having...

The best albums of 2020

According to my Apple Music Replay, I listened to a lot of music this year: nearly 1,000 hours of listening time, over 1,500 artists...

“Hamilton’s” Daveed Diggs Crafts Chilling Halloween Album

Most well-known for his performance as Thomas Jefferson in the 2015 Broadway hit "Hamilton," Daveed Diggs has been producing cutting edge and industrial hip-hop...

7 Important Albums to Look for this Fall

For musicians and music critics alike, Friday morning at 12:01AM is a sacred minute: the fruits of their labors, their next listens and the...


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