Sunday, January 16, 2022
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Bring Your Own Tie Dye Event Allow Students to Enjoy the Little Things


Students brought their shirts and apparel near the Student Center on Oct. 16th to mix and match colors to make the perfect Tie Dye creation.

During the event, while students were fashioning their artistic Tie Dye designs, it was most noticeable that students were delighted and grateful that the campus directory was able to create such a wonderful and hands-on experience.

“It was amazing that we had this event,” Samantha Peck (’21) said. “I think it is hard to have campus events now- many students are just kept in dorms. This Tie Dye event helps encourage students despite COVID. It is also something that you can do with friends and have fun.”

When asking how Tie Dye events improve campuses’ student life, attendees were quick to respond, as well as to give positive feedback about the event.

“This event helps improve campus activity because it helps bring all the students together,” Sarah Oliver (’21) said. “Right now, with everything going on, it allows students to still be social while being safe.”

In addition to the positivity and appreciation that many were able to show during the event, students were also able to take a breather and relax from the uncertain and tense semester. While students continue to complete their midterms and persevere through the school year, it is very comforting that the Wittenberg directory is still working to preserve the well-being of students and help many enjoy their time on campus while we keep on fighting through these unpredictable times.



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