Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Logan McCord


Ain’t Ain’t A Word: A Senior’s Reflections

In the moment I read an email signed by the president of the Peace Corps that I had been accepted to teach English in...

Stories from the Wittenberg Party Scene

On Oct. 21, Taj Kniceley, ‘20, reported that she and a few of her close friends had an encounter with several freshman the previous...

Pub Theology Encourages Dialogue on Faith

Faculty, staff and students found themselves in Founders Pub this past Tuesday discussing God over a few beers during Pub Theology. With this year...

“Mother!”: A Beautiful and Intriguing Allegory

Don’t you hate it when you have unwanted house guests? They always make themselves at home by putting their feet on the coffee table...

Founders Trivia Keeps Students Coming Back

Every other Wednesday night, Wittenberg students pack Founders Pub out of their love for trivia. Above the music blaring and reverberating, students banter and...

Clowns are ‘It’ this Year

As I was walking around campus this week, I was perplexed to see a balloon tied to a sewer grate. Walking towards it, I stopped...

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