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The Torch Online Comment Policy:

The Torch Online comment option is meant to encourage student participation and discussion on articles. As an open forum, all opinions will be facilitated and encouraged.

In an effort to avoid spam and offensive dialogue, requires that all comments be approved by the site staff before they appear on the page. That being said, no student voices will be moderated. Please use common sense. The Torch site administrators will approve all comments unless they are blatantly offensive or irrelevant, or contain “flaming” directed at other commenters or the author of the article personally, rather than commentary on the content of the article. The purpose of the comments feature is to facilitate discussion and student expressions of opinion, not personal attacks. Please also remember that your responses to articles represent the response of the Wittenberg student body on the world wide web.

While you can decide if you want to provide your real name, we encourage people to do so. We also ask that you provide your Wittenberg email, if you have one. The email will not be published publicly, so you will still be able to remain anonymous to readers if you so desire.

Comments are for student discussion, conversation, and response. Members of The Torch Editorial Board will never directly respond to comments, nor will writer(s) of article in question (policy modification as of 3/1/11, there are a few staff responses prior to that time). Staff writers are permitted to comment on material, as a member of the student body, and their opinion is thus neither reflective nor representative of any opinion affiliated with The Torch.

If you want your opinion to be addressed, please submit it in the form of a “Letter to the Editor” by following the link at the top of this page, or by emailing the writer directly with the email provided at the end of the article.

The Torch Online wishes to uphold high standards, and expects its readers to do the same.