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Drawing The Line

February 12, 2014 Sarah Webb 0

Baby, hottie, sex goddess—these are just some of the compliments flung around Wittenberg’s campus, especially around Valentine’s Day. While for some, the word flattery comes […]

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Ayele Twin Arrests

January 28, 2014 Maggi Quigley 0

By Maggi Quigley Early in the morning on Thursday, Jan. 16, Yonatan Ayele and Belule Ayele, known on campus as “the Ethiopian twins,” were arrested […]

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Max Adrien to Sue School

November 14, 2013 Katie Mauch 0

Eight months after being acquitted of rape and kidnapping, former Wittenberg professor of French, Hollant “Max” Adrien, filed a lawsuit Nov. 5, suing Wittenberg University, […]