Word on the Street: Do you believe in ghosts?

“Nope.” Sebasian Anderson ’14

“Kind of. I believe in spirits, but not crazy stuff.” Adrienne Stout ’14

“I believe in ghost adventures, but I don’t believe in the “Long Island Medium” type of thing.” Jillian Stout ’17

“No, but I don’t play around. I’m not going to intentionally walk under a ladder. Why play with the idea?” John Young, Assoc. Dean

“Yes, I so believe in ghosts! So yes.” Loren Combs ’16

“Yes. I believe in ghosts and demons and paranormal activity and like the real scary stuff.” Nathan Marceau ’15

“No. What? No.” Nathaniel Fullmer ’16

“No. I don’t believe in ghosts.” Gabe Sayers ’16

“I don’t doubt that they exist.” Sam Reynolds ’14

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