Police Log

2/27/15  Officers were dispatched to Ferncliff Hall in reference to a student falling on the steps. The student was heading to Hollenbeck Hall when she rolled her ankle. No medical treatment was sought.

2/28/15  Officers observed an open exterior door at a home in the 200 block of W. College Ave. Upon further inspection, officers located a basketball hoop on the back of the door, preventing its closure. The residents were advised.

2/28/15  Officers were dispatched to Ferncliff Hall in reference to a criminal damaging report. Officers met with two students. One student stated that on Feb. 21, an unknown person entered his room and cut a hole in his jeans, and on Feb. 28, an unknown person pinned a bra to his door. Along with the bra, a note was found reading, “found in the fern fun lounge.” A report was completed.

3/1/15  Officers were checking the area of New Hall and located an intoxicated student. The student was identified, and after a conversation, it was determined that he was able to care for himself. The student was issued a Dean’s Summons for the infractions.

3/1/15  Officers were dispatched to Tower Hall in reference to a smoke alarm. Officers made contact with student who stated she had burnt some popcorn in the microwave. The alarm was reset.

3/3/15  Officers were dispatched to Krieg Hall parking lot in reference to some damage to a university vehicle. A staff member advised there was some damage to the right front bumper.

3/4/15  Officers were dispatched to Myers Hall in reference to a student having difficulty breathing. The student was transported to the hospital, and Student Development was notified.

3/5/15  Officers were dispatched to the 500 block of N. Wittenberg Ave. in reference to an open door. Officers spoke with the resident, who was identified as a student. She believed that the door had been open since her roommate left at 17:00 hours. Officers checked the entire house, and there was no sign of forced entry or intrusion. The student stated that none of her belongings were missing.

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