Partying Tips and Tricks

Wittenberg University students party. Not all of them, but the option is always there for students to enjoy a weekend socializing. While partying can be a great way to relieve stress, it is not without its own risks. So, here are some tips and tricks to help you be a safe partier.

#1 Always watch your drink.

This rule is number one for a reason. So, when you are out enjoying your evening, pay attention to your cup. Don’t leave it with someone else if you go to the bathroom or play a game; throw your cup away and get a new one. This also means watching the bartender make the drink (if you can, make your own drink); it is not only to stop them from putting something sketchy in, but also to make sure that you are paying attention to the amount of alcohol you are consuming. Don’t take alcohol from strangers or anyone else. Yes, you are always told about the possibility of date rape drugs being in alcohol handed out. Even if you may not ever run into this issue, you may not know what is in the alcohol you are drinking. You could run into huge problems if it is more potent than you expect. It is better to be safe than sorry and the only person you can truly trust is yourself when it comes to this issue.

#2 Don’t share drinks.

Just don’t. Sharing drinks with friends is disgusting for all sorts of reasons, but think about the germs. Right around the time the temperature drops, sickness begins to spread across campus. Passing your drink around can just be a tool to pass the illness around. Get your own drink and save yourself the week-long cold your friend may not know they have yet.

#3 Attend parties with friends.

This rule is important for two reasons. Friends can make almost any event more fun. Also, it is good to have people with you if things do run amuck. Friends will keep you safe and care for you. On top of this, your friends know you; this means that if you get to a point you need to stop, they will tell you. Plus, when your friends are there they can help you evaluate decisions if need be. So, take your friends with you to party—at the very least, they will keep you company on your late-night walk home.

#4 Know your limits.

If you are going to partake in drinking for an evening, you need to understand your cut off point. Drinking till you “blackout” is a terrible idea, not to mention unsafe. No one likes hangovers and regardless of what others tell you, the best way to cure a hangover is not to drink yourself to that point. You need to know when you are at a good level and need to stop for the evening.

#5 Make sure your phone is charged, with you and your contacts include the necessary Witt numbers.

When you go out, it is always a good idea to have your phone handy (most of us always have out phone handy). Having your phone is an easy way to contact someone. If you need someone to come walk you back from the party because you are ready to leave, a dead phone does you no good. Also, things happen and sometimes you and your friends get separated. A phone is the way to get back together as a group and make sure everyone is okay. Most importantly, make sure you have the emergency Witt police number and the non-emergency Witt police number in case something does happen. Also, remember that Witt Tip (50911) is a great way to make sure that the Wittenberg campus is safe. Witt’s police division is here to help us in case something does go wrong.

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